This is not correct. n8n also supports self-hosted SeaTable Servers.

This is a screenshot from n8n Cloud which I use:

之前有尝试过,但是Self-Hosted Domain怎么填都会报错,比如:https://cloud.seatable.cn

I tried with two self-hosted systems. It worked.

I am based in Europe.

Have you tried with the self-hosted version of n8n?

Yes,i tried.

https://dtable-server.seatable.cn/ is no valid domain. This cannot work. Open the URL in your browser. Then you see the error message that n8n returns as well: “You don’t have permission to access.”

https://cloud.seatable.cn is a valid host address. So it should work.

But: Where did you create the api token? This one here:

In n8n, please use the host address of this system.

I created the api token here.

Sure, but on which system?